Welcome!  This is a little blog that features original poetry, short stories, thoughts, and a little writing advice.  Feel free to poke around here — you might find something cool.


       As a fiction writer and a poet, I find myself often spending most of my day in a day dream. My main superpower is my ability to space out and look like I’m paying attention to the subject at hand.  (It certainly helps the writing process in case you were wondering.) Among writing, my other main interest is music–the theory of it, listening to it, and playing it.  I drink coffee like healthy people drink water, and I think it would be fun to build a fort out of books to keep the non-literary people out of my inner dream world.

       I have been writing pages upon pages a day ever since I was fourteen.  Not all of the content was good at first, like with any new hobby, but I quickly came to grow to love and depend on getting my ideas down on paper or a screen.  With that love for and attention to detail for the stories I spun from my mind, I can humbly say I have become pretty decent at what I can do with these repeating combinations of the same twenty-six letters.  My consistent productivity over the years has lead me to produce a couple of novels I plan to pursue publishing for, as well as an innumerable amount of poetry scribbled in the strangest of locations like a modern day Emily Dickinson.

       I don’t know if all of this is what was supposed to go here, but that’s okay because I did it anyways. 🙂


Contact me!  (If you want to.  I mean, I would love to hear from anyone that is reading this, because you’re a lovely human I’m sure.)  I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I possibly can.