Poetry Thursday–Free Verse

For the second installment of Poetry Thursday, I thought it would be nice to do some free verse poems.  There are no rules in free verse… it is free. 🙂

Here are three poems that my mind dreamed up when my pen slipped.





I stood alone in shallow waters

Many would drown in.

I stood alone under a clear sky

Many couldn’t see under.

I stood alone in a room of people

Many wouldn’t talk to.

I stood alone waiting for things

Many had already given up on.

I stood alone…

I should have stood with you.





Oh, how simple it is

To fall in love.

You take a deep breath,

Lean in close,

Trusting with or without reason,

And hope it’s not the ground

That catches you.





The dripping faucet

Provides a steady beat

In the quiet bathroom devoid of sound.

In the corner rarely traveled to,

A black widow weaves her web.

She traps flies like they’re spies already on death row,

Tracing their stories into her web,

Weaving away to the beat of the faucet.

The faucet drips continuously,

Dripping the same sound on repeat,

Until the Human comes,

Turns it all the way off.

The spider thinks the water’s run out.

She pauses in her weaving.

The drum-like dripping beat

Had always kept her going,

Much like a heartbeat.

The human noticed the spider,

Took off a shoe,

And ended yet another heartbeat.

3 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday–Free Verse

  1. I have enjoyed reading your work! I am learning a lot about different types of verse and poetry. Thank you for sharing!


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