Poetry Thursday–A Strange Inspiration

Hello, I’ve returned.  With more poetry… and no alliteration for the theme day.

To write the poetry I have for you here today, I played this fun game.  I have a bunch of lovely, colorful gel-pens that a friend bought me, which gave me a strange inspiration. For each poem, I would take one of the pens at random and write the subject based on what the color of the pen reminded me of, while matching the tone as best as I could to the song I was listening to at the time of selecting the pen.  The results were… interesting, to say the least.


Simple Death

The star filled sky
Reaches down
And plucks me up
Out of my world
Into a brand new



Lipstick kisses
On rims of wine glasses
Seem to blend into the colors,
Bleeding like hearts
Crushed to nothing
When the woman realizes
That’s not the shade she wears.



Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Listen to me.
It’s all going…
…To be okay.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
I’m here.


The Rotting Tragedy

Sometimes, the tallest trees fall.
There’s hardly any warning at times.
It is a strong storm that blows in
To take them down in a showcase of power.
Other times, you will find
Trees rot from the inside
For years before they fall.
Both are called tragedies,
But there is something worse
About rotting—dying—for years
Without anyone noticing
The difference between trees.


If you were wondering, the pen colors were navy blue, dark red, pink, and brown, respectively.  (I don’t remember the songs though.  I’ve listened to more since then.)

Anyhoo, thank you for taking time out of your day to pay attention to me on the internet. Come back next week for more distractions. 🙂

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