Poetry Thursday–A Strange Inspiration II

Greetings to all.

Remember that game I played last week, with the pens and the songs and whatnot?  I did it again, because it was fun.

There really isn’t much else I have to say on the poetry this time.  So . . . let’s just get to it.


Every Liar Knows That

A new beginning isn’t hard to come by,
As long as you don’t mind reinventing yourself
By changing everything you know yourself to be
Into everything you want to be,
But know you are not.


The World’s in the Ocean’s in the World

The world feels like an ocean on days like this.
Not only because of how temperamental the ocean can be,
But because, in the ocean, everything comes in waves.

The ocean is versatile—it encompasses, conforms, surrounds, drowns.
Waves come and go, surround and flow.
On days like this, the ocean feels like the world.


You Probably Didn’t Notice the Mysticism of Music

Music shapes the mind
In the softest way possible
Throughout the years
Of simply living day to day.

It begins in youth
Then continues beyond
To the pounding drums of heartbeats.

These beautiful sounds—
They change the way you think;
They change the way you feel.
There’s no other way to describe
The emotional connection
A piece of sound data
Can bring to the broken.

The only way to understand
Another human being
To the fullest extent
Is to pay attention
To the music they listen to.

If you listen closely enough,
You might even be able to hear
Lonely hearts singing along.


Why are you Scared?

Because the night is dark.
And that dark is cold.
Cold as can be.
With nothing to hold on to.
With nothing to be—

Nothingness in the night
Becomes in the light, nothing.


The colors of the pens this time were light purple, aqua, tan, and blue, respectively.  I have no idea the music I was listening to at the time either, yet again.

Thank you for reading all of this. 🙂 Come again next week — I’ll try to do something different than this week and last week.

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