Poetry Thursday–4/20

Hello, I’ve returned.

For this Poetry Thursday I have a poem that is longer than usual.  I wrote it today, so it’s more of a spilled ink poem than anything else, but I thought it was worth sharing.  It’s a little darker than I thought it would be, but that’s probably fine.

Anyhoo, enjoy the following poem! 🙂



The 4/20 Poem


First comes this feeling

Of something absolutely new,

Unlike what could ever be

Real like you.


Twice before, like this,

We can’t ignore that

Even in your darkest dreams

Nothing distracts from something

Telling of the truth you sweep under the rug.


Bring on the paranoia.

Let us feast for days.

Always keep your guard up and stay

Zealous with reproach

Even in your darkest dreams.


Is this real,

This feeling of peace and nothing?


There you go again,

Helping another with a new way to die.

Everything can’t be okay anymore.


Just keep your hands steady.

Obviously it’s going to be harder

In reality than in your head.

No one will know

This is what you do.


Isn’t this a trap?

Something you made up to keep someone close?


Let’s get a few things clear.

It’s not you, but what you do.

This will be the list time I help you.


Absentee faces swirl through your dreams.

Never forget in the back of your frail mind,

Death is a concept you can’t handle.


No one will know your

Opaque, hidden heart

Waits to see the light.


Welcome to the dark side.

Excuse the mess—once you get used to it—it’s not so bad.


Delicately, light your match.

It will be easier to see

Even heroes can be villains to the right person.


Health isn’t the issue,

Even evolves not to be a crime.

Ridiculous you call it, but

Equivocation is a better word.


This isn’t the end of you but of us.

Open your eyes up for once.

Nightmares lurk in the corners of your eyes.

Imagine what could happen.

Get out of here while you still can—

Hopeless is this dark side, and you’re the only thing here.

This isn’t real, not tonight, but that won’t excuse the other nights.



Wow, you actually read to the bottom of this.  Good job!  *Hands you a cookie.*

I don’t really have anything else to add, but I hope you liked it.  Return next Thursday for more top-notch poetry from my own brain.

‘Kay, bye!

2 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday–4/20

  1. What of this darkness seems to call
    Whether happy or sad and about to fall?
    What of the light and direction that may come
    With hope and dreams rather than letting yourself succumb.


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