Poetry Thursday — Moonlit Sun/Sunlit Moon and Truer True Love

Hello, I’ve returned.  🙂

This poetry comes from the coffee shop where I currently sit.  In contrast to last week, I tried my best to be less depressing in these two longer poems.  lol

Anyways, no one really likes long introductions, so here you go.



Moonlit Sun/Sunlit Moon

There is beauty in the moon

And the graceless sunshine

As they dance together

Hidden only by clouds

As they lose themselves

On their dancefloor made

From nothing except stars.

When moon-down and sunrise

Add variation to the dance

And the moon himself changes

Into something new,

The sun will continue

Shining her warmth to those afar

And burning those too close.


The moon and the sun still in love

No matter change and distance

Do not know all they control,

Not only in the world,

But in each other too.


The moon keeps changing.  The sun keeps burning.

He’ll always come back.  She’ll never go.

The stars watch

With the horror of a car crash witness

But nothing will ever change

The cold rock and hot air of

A love affair set in the cosmos themselves

Before even love’s creation.


Truer True Love

In fairytales, they always say

The first kiss of true love

Will save the day.

But what is this love?

What makes it so true?

Is it a prince and princess,

Jumping from a tower

A dragon set on fire?

Is it “I do” at an altar

With crowds standing behind?

Something fragile

So easily broken

As this love between two halves,

How could this be true love?

When the couple will eventually split

In one way or another.

Love in true hearts

Turns to hate quickly

Becomes wrong

With just the right reason.


However, there is something more,

Something that can be truer

Than a fairytale couple.

A father’s first kiss

To his newborn’s temple.

A mother’s brushed lips

Over a child’s scraped knee.

Shaking hands and heavy hearts


At the last peck to the cheek

As the child goes away for the first time.


Another form

Of this proper true love

Is so often overlooked

But too often treasured.

The bonds of friendship,

The true thing that lasts.

A hand gently squeezed

When things go wrong,

A hug so tight

The one’s shoulder cuts off air

In the other’s airway.

A dog trotting loyally.

Laughing with someone

That simply understands

Over a cup of coffee

In the late afternoon.

True love, you see,

It does exist.

Only, you won’t find it

In romance,

But in the strength

Of family and friendship.



You’re welcome.

Please return next week for more. ❤

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