Poetry Thursday — 2 Month Blog Anniversary

Hello, I’ve returned.

If you expected some poetry about Star Wars, I am sorry to disappoint you.  Today, we celebrate the two month anniversary of this blog!!!  🙂

I have more than a few poems I wrote today concerning beginnings and time. Graduation is quickly approaching, and of course I drew inspiration from it.

Please enjoy the following poems created for your reading enjoyment.


Beginnings I

Beginnings are often disguised.

They come when least expected

Going unnoticed at the time.

You see, the problem is

For beginnings to come,

What life is now

Must curl up to end,

And then

There’s nothing left

Except for the memories,

But I find myself comforted

By the knowledge that

I at least have those

To look back and smile on

And cry for.

The old make way for the new,

But how does that comfort you?

Endings are sad, woven with pain,

Yet look beyond the surface

And you’ll find something else

Drenched in hope.


Beginnings II

Beginnings only come

When the past

Has perished.

Start with the new chapter already —

Dead things rot.

Keep holding onto the past,

And you will too.


A Summary of Life

Time and Beginning

Walk hand in hand

Down the street

To meet End.


The Test

Surviving time’s test

Is harder than it sounds.

There are pop quizzes —

Lessons too —

In the middle

Of scribbling down

What are thought to be

Right answers,

And there are

Bits of Death too

Within the Life section.


This test is hard,

And you might not pass,

But find comfort

In knowing that passing

This test of time

Isn’t always what

It’s made out to be.

They’ll remember you

As you were on the test,

Not as you actually were.



Time alters perspectives like nothing else can.

She works hand in hand with Death,

Doing her best to guide people to their end game,

Their ending mind frame.

Death, similar to Time, works with a clock,

Also changing frames of mind.

But there’s something different in his way of work —

He brings on a more abrupt ending.


Whispers from a Dead End

That’s the hardest part,

Of growing up I mean.

The futures we imagined

For ourselves when we were young

Never come.


Time and Death

There’s nothing to be scared of.

I’m right here with you,

Mustering the same courage.

Even heroes need a few minutes.

Answer me honestly, dear.

Never mind, it’s too hard right now.

Development in shadows of life

Devastates more than you know.

Each breath I take is for you,

Always remember that much.

There’s nothing to be scared of.

Help is here now.  Relax and let them help.


Time and Time Again

There’s always something

In the air around the places where beginnings come.

Maybe it’s the feelings of change

Eating up the insides of individuals.

Alteration in its purest form,

Never has it looked so invitation — and somehow

Daunting as well.

There’s no where else to go, but forward.

I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.

My heart doesn’t belong here,

Especially not to this place and not to you.

Always remember the restless spirit thrives on beginnings,

Gains from the passage of time.

Almost apologies turn to dust

In memories made of time’s remainders.

Nothing can clean up this mess, save for the vultures.


I got excited about my blog’s second month … so I accidentally wrote more poetry than I meant to.  Ha-ha, oops.  🙂

Also, I’ve been debating as to whether or not I should have a regular posting day on Mondays.  If I were to, it would either be random, miscellaneous things I want to write about, or a series of short story segments.  I’ll accept input if anyone has any, but I think right now, I’m leaning towards the former.  Then when I get better at this whole blogging thing, I’ll have a once or twice a month installment of a story.  (Kind of like how Great Expectations was written, but better.) 🙂

Anyhoo, stick around for more content!


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