Poetry Thursday — First Requested Poem

Hello, I’ve returned.

Today, My Friend and I watched a movie together, Dead Poets Society.  It was the first time we had seen it.  After we recovered from the film, she asked me to write a poem based on it.  So I did.  Because I love her.


Death Death Death to the Artist. Long Live the Realist.

Dark perceptions — to

Each their own, but

Avoid the realists.

They’ll crush you while pretending

Help is their intention.


Damage the creativity —

Easily it will bow.

And you’ll see how

The artist became realist,

Hindered by a faulty education.


Dark perceptions — to

Each their own, but

Avoid the artists, because

Their minds are diseased, creativity

Hindered by a noose of realism.


Typical, this story

Of oppression overtaking opportunity.


There’s a question proposed that

Haunts the hearer, makes

Ears turn to mush.


Artists &

Realists &

Their eternal struggle.

If one could understand the other,

Strife could be spared

The long journey of conversation.


Lay down a life.

Oppress the artist, you realist.

Never give your own life.

Give away the artist.


Leverage is one thing,

Ignorance another.

Victory can’t come —

Each need another.


The realist can’t understand.

Hurt the artist if you must —

Everyone else does eventually.


Realism is the enemy, our enemy

Earning trust back is hard.

Artists die because of people like you.

Let us live

In the worlds we create.

Stay away — you’ll just get lost here.

There’s nothing more ironic than a realist dying in art.



The entire thing is an acronym, something I’ve recently loved doing with poetry.  The first letters of each line spell out “death death death to the artist long live the realist.”  “Death” is used for three stanzas because I couldn’t pick between the three.  I figured using all of them would be fine.

My Friend, she named this poem.  Her inspiration was very creative in it, I think.  🙂

Okay, bye.  Please come back next week!

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