Poetry Thursday–Rhyming Free Verse

Hello, I’ve returned.

The other day I heard someone say that free verse writing typically doesn’t rhyme anymore because it’s out of style.  Rhyming has become old fashioned a lot of times.  I mean, it is unlikely that there are words out there that have never been rhymed together before.  Yet, I found myself wanting to write a rhyming poem regardless, just for the fun of it.

Here you are–please enjoy.


Lovely Cynical

It doesn’t take long to become what everyone hates.

At first you use your looks to make sure everyone looks.

Be sure to ignore the way your hands shook from the pills you took.

Beauty captivates,

But it’s not enough most of the time.

Especially when beauty is lost in a victimless crime

Made out of dreams gone cynical in a terrible mandate

Of how to properly live up to other’s standards.

In your desperate attempts, your progress moves backwards,

And the primates open the floodgates,

Causing you to drown in your own thoughtless wishes,

Kicking and screaming, fighting these sons of dishes,

Using all you have to your worthless name as bait.

Your heart is broken from what you’ve become, defamed

By all they’ve done to ruin your mind frame.

You used to be lovely, but now your nature is lost in translate.

Beauty gone cynical, was that really such a tragedy?

There’s been a change of focus in your center of gravity.

So now as you stand alone, you begin to contemplate.


Lovely cynical, the world’s got you down, but you’re not broken yet.

You’re more than your beauty, more than an intangible asset.

Remember to breathe as you slowly suffocate

In the hold of your handler’s embrace.

Your personal space will be erased, enlaced

With doubts about who you have become in this incarnate.

Cynicism takes over you and hatred overtakes the others.

Those who were once lovers of wonders

Now spit at you and who you’ve become, insinuating

You had a choice on your evolution

From beautiful to pollution.

Lovely cynical, it doesn’t matter what they say;

Your story is what you narrate.



I wrote this poem about how fame changes people, but you are more than welcome to find your own meaning within it.  After all, that’s what art is for. 🙂

Thank you so much for reading today!  Be sure to return next week for more poetry, and the new mini-series starting on Monday.

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