Picking Topics for Writing

Hello, I’ve returned.

It occurred to me the other day that other writers might have the same difficulty that I do when it comes to picking topics to write about.  Be it for an essay, a poem, or even a short story or novel, there are innumerable subjects that can be woven into a piece you’re writing.  Though it might seem that everything in existence has been written about before, it doesn’t matter, because you haven’t written your take on all those things.

Now, the first step in picking a topic is choosing something that interests you.  Works of writing about something the author wasn’t interested in or didn’t care about would be stale, dry, and tasteless, like a bag of chips left open all night.  You have to want to be writing what you are for it to be the best it can be, and fun to create.  If you think more than one topic sounds like something you would want to write about, consider finding a way to combine them together.

For example, last year I needed to write a very important essay for my English class.  I wanted to write about a few specific books, but I was also interested in psychology.  I ended up writing my essay about the mental health of the characters I chose from the books.

Another thing to keep in mind when picking a topic, is to choose a different take on said topic than what might be common.  The creativity and inspiration you need is all around you, as I spoke of in my inspiration mini-series.  Keep in mind however that sometimes going too far away from common takes on topics will produce controversy.  In some situations, controversy is good, providing the writer, or anyone involved really, can take the heat of the varied reactions, but absolutely make sure you stay within your comfort zone.  Stress will take the joy out of writing, and therefor the life of your piece.

Back to the example about my essay on the psychology of book characters, to give it the twist of a new, creative standpoint, I wrote about a lesser known mental health issue known as maladaptive daydreaming, and chose characters from books many might not have thought of.

So now that you have a topic about something that you are interested in, and you have a creative, original way to write about it, it’s time to get to work.  Remember that the most important part about writing is to have fun with your work.  Even people that don’t like writing can have fun if they focus on something they enjoy for the topic or main point.

Have fun!  I wish luck to you, the individual, on your upcoming writing quest.

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