Poetry Thursday–Distorted and Other Free Verse

Hello, I’ve returned.

I never thought I would say this, but I am sick of writing pantoums.  So … I wrote some free verse.  A lot of free verse actually.  You can see my favorites of what I wrote today below.  🙂  Feel free to enjoy reading them.

A note on the first one, Distorted.  I know it doesn’t make sense that much, but please take notice of the first letter of each word.  I worked really hard on it and I’m super proud.  Thank you, and that is all.




Dare I say this, or result to evading discussion?
Ignore someone, the original rebel, the elusive damsel.
Stand there, organize revolt though everyone dies.
Tyrannical oppression resolves theoretical evidence delusions,
Or resolves to eliminate disgrace.
Remembering theories everyone disproves,
They eventually discover
Even dialogue’s


You’re a Monster

I drank fire this morning.
It tasted like oranges and energy
And it burned all day,
Keeping me going, buzzing, working.
Until it fizzled out,
Leaving only sad smoke
Coming from my ears.



Another Haiku

Lately I’ve been dreaming,
Scrubbing the dirt off my soul,
Grasping for a chance.


Another Haiku Part II

Look around and see.
We are all varying shades
Of the same color


The Monument

Sad little statue,
Made of rusty metal,
Cries tears of acid rain.
A tarnished name.
An eroded, faceless expression.
Left to weather
In nature’s undoing.


Fame Has Changed You

You can’t see
Through the dollar signs
Trapped in your eyes.
Forget about profit,
Or else one day you’ll blink
And it will only be you,
Isolated and cold in the worst way.
Why have it all,
If you have it alone?


This is What Love Feels Like

I dropped my heart in the ocean
To see if it would float.
The waves claimed it, took it to the depths.
My heart drowned in that ocean—
The chambers filled with saltwater
Like over flowing tears.
I didn’t have any choice but to jump in after it.
At the bottom of the ocean,
I couldn’t find my heart,
So I took someone else’s
And called it my own.



Thank you for reading!  You’re lovely!

Please return next week for mooooorreeee poetry on Thuurrsday.

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