Poetry Thursday–Ode to Midnight Silence

Hello, I’ve returned. 🙂

This poem that I have to share today is probably one of my favorites that I have ever written.  It’s called Ode to Midnight Silence–an ode poem if you couldn’t tell from the title. 😉

Odes can come in many different styles and structures.  (It is an old poetry form.)  As history and literature developed and grew, so did odes.  I mean, it originated in ancient Greece.

Anyhoo, I used the most basic form of odes for this poem.  I took a thing (idea), personified it, then praised it.  That’s really all there was to it.  Of course there are far fancier routes to take.  Complex doesn’t automatically mean better though.  Keep that in mind if you try this at home, kiddos.

I think I’ve droned on enough.  Here’s the poem.




Ode to Midnight Silence.


Oh, the midnight mystery
Found in corners of the mind often left uninvestigated.
It’s the perfect time for thoughts and mystery
Whenever silence visits the mind of the searching artist.
Inspiration is brought on by nothing more than you, dear silence
When minds race like a storm rolling in with dark intensity
And minds scream with the sounds of desperation and distress,
The only solace can be found in the comfort of you.
Restless minds stir with the creative passion of their trades
Alone at midnight as all others slumber.
The restless minds stirring often end up crying
In frustration as their ideas slip away in the noise.
Then you come, beautiful silence,
Made of the only thing that can calm completely,
As stealthy as a robber at midnight,
Only you’re here to give to the distressed artist
The gift of your presence.
A storm rolling in.
A calming blanket of intensity.
A settling feeling of peace,
As the artist can finally think.
Works are completed, sometimes thanks to only you.
Dearest silence, you quiet screaming minds
Alone at midnight.
You quiet distractions, sinking silence deep into stillness,
Sinking silence, yourself, into works of art,
Becoming a work of art yourself.
Oh, midnight silence, the true artist behind the art.
Midnight stillness, the reason art lives on,
Midnight stillness the only inspiration to our failing, artists’ hearts.



Thank you for reading! ❤  You’re lovely and I hope you have a nice remainder of your day!

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