Poetry Thursday–Fearris Wheel and Plastic Baggage

Hello, I’ve returned.

There’s more than the two poems listed in the title, but they were my favorites. 🙂  Anyhoo, I wrote these based on my college experience so far, except the Fearris wheel inspired one–that came from a video game I was watching my roommate play.  (Haha)

I’ve settled in well, in case anyone was wondering.  It’s really nice here on campus–and the dorm is so cozy, though I’m cold all the time.  The air conditioning is on ALL THE TIME.  But I have fuzzy blankets and many snacks stashed away and my roommate is lovely.  (She’s going to see this.  Haha, hi friend!)

And while I could ramble on about everything that’s happened so far … the marshmallow with X’s for eyes that was taped to my door and the rendition of Bring Me to Life by Goofy that we heard over the speakers at Subway and the giant Pickle Rick that I’m supposed to follow around all week …



Silence—the New Way to Listen

There’s nothing here
For ears to hear,
But ears still perk up,
Looking for any trace of sound.
People are set on edge,
Waiting for any feedback,
But there is only silence.
No sound can exist here
When you want to listen
To something that doesn’t exist.


Plastic Baggage

My arms are weighed down
By plastic bags cutting off circulation in my fingers.
Beside me, my friend struggles with her own.
This baggage is too heavy,
But we can’t set it down.
For a mile we walk,
Trudging under burning sunlight and weight.

People see us struggle,
But no help is offered.
They all struggle with their own.
There is no time for ours.

We try switching the bags from hand to hand,
Sacrificing one part of the body to spare the other.
Heavy baggage—but we can’t set it down.

You might think we don’t need it,
That we should set it down and walk away,
But how else are we going to get the groceries home?


Fearris Wheel

The Farris wheel spins around,
Lit up in the dark night sky.
I sit in the top cart
As it rocks back and forth,
Pushed by an invisible wind.
My knuckles turn white
From my grip on the side.
My hands rattle the door
From shaking in fear.
I’m scared of heights—
I shouldn’t be here,
Not on this ride.

The cart rocks unsteadily
In the inconsistent wind.
I wish we were moving,
But the other carts need loading.

I look into your eyes,
Hoping for comfort.
You smile encouragingly,
Knowing I’m out of my comfort zone.
I shouldn’t have agreed.
I shouldn’t be here.

The Ferris wheel begins moving,
Spinning like my vision.
I look away from your eyes
To stare over the side.
I prefer that view to you.
Please Don’t Touch Me.
I hate Ferris wheels.

Time stops moving,
But everything is still spinning.
The night sky is cloudy—
No stars tonight.


There is No Sleep—Only School

My eyes hurt—burning from lack of sleep,
Lack of blinking.
But I can’t rest here.
Not in class.


My Iced Coffee Melted

Milk based cold coffee
Sounds good in theory,
But in this heat,
On a mile walk home,
The coffee is diluted
And all the flavor goes
With the melted ice.
I begin to feel nauseated,
And sick with the taste
Of souring milk.
Lesson learned—
Drink your coffee inside.



Thank you for reading!  You’re all lovely!  I hope you have a nice day!  ❤

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