I’m at a Solar Eclipse Viewing Party, but I Don’t Have Glasses to Watch It… :(

Hello, I’ve returned.

(The Following is Stream of Consciousness/Off the Cuff)

Currently my roommate and I are sitting on campus, listening to Sonic music (yes, from the video game), avoiding looking at the sky.  There’s a solar eclipse today, on the first day of classes.  We didn’t feel like standing in the miles long line to get the special glasses, so our tactic is to avoid eye contact with the sky.

Mostly, we’re here to watch it get dark.

Though the glasses do remind me of the old 3D glasses for movies.  You know, the ones where one eye is blue, and the other is red.  Only both lenses in these cardboard glasses are back.

I’m fairly certain most of the campus has gathered here to watch the eclipse, but my roommate and me look like we’re not paying attention at all.  It’s actually kind of funny–we’re simply scared of going blind.

I’m starting to think the air has a reddish tint to it here, but my roommate swears it’s non-existent.  We did accidentally look at a plane on our way here from lunch, but I’m sure that has nothing to do with it.

I just hear thunder as I was typing this.  I hope it doesn’t rain because I’m outside with my laptop and there’s people everywhere … though my next class is close by.

have been working on the content I’ve promised–the extension of the short story (Matches, Ravens, and New Clothes) and the reviews of books on writing.  I promise I have been working on it.  But it isn’t done yet, not even close to where I want it.  And I will always deliver quality over speed.  Quality is the most important thing.

The thunder is getting worse.  Between that and the eclipse, it’s almost like the sky is angry.  Haha.  (Plus the reddish tint that I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be seeing.  Maybe it’s my imagination?)

Oh, I just saw lightning.

Anyways, I hope that if you’re somewhere experiencing the eclipse, that you’re taking care of your vision!  If you’re not somewhere where there’s an eclipse … it’s okay because I won’t be seeing it either really.  They ran out of glasses.

It’s getting darker.  I should go.

Thank you for reading!  Sorry if my stream of consciousness wasn’t as fun as my creative writing bits. 🙂

You’re lovely–have a nice day.


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