Poetry Thursday–I’m Up Past My Bedtime to Deliver you Poetry

Hello, I’ve returned!

I am so sorry about the time this is going up.  I mean, in some parts of the world, it might not seem that late, but where I am, it is late … oops.

Anyhoo, I never really have much of an introduction, so let’s get right to the poetry.  Yay.


An Unvoiced Thought

A brick to the face
Would certainly hurt less
Than the struggle for words
That simply won’t come.




How many times have I thought this word over in my head?

Of course, far more than I’ve let on to any that ask.

Might means nothing when soldiers swing with the winds

Encompassing the night. Similarly, it loses its meaning with every

Synonym given, every synonym removing power from wars

Inside skulls, trapped by pounding headaches, shaking hands and wrenched hearts.

Can you hear the drums we march to? It sounds like shuffling shoes dragging in gravel.

Keep your chin up, soldier. Everyone else wants to go home too.



Untitled Haiku

Resting, tired heads
Immovable at night time
Pierce the sky with cries.



The Past

Even though I made
The decision to leave it
Far behind me
In the dust of
Old paths I no longer
Tread, I feel it
With me, with every
Inhale of stale air.



Melodramatic. (“The Air Conditioning Isn’t that bad, Beth” –Emily)

The cold draft sweeps through
The closet sized coffin we sleep in,
The sheets, heavy, unmoving,
Trap me in this icebox grave.
As the air pours into the room
From the vent. Classes first thing,
People shouting un the halls.
It’s only day three of class
And I’m already buried alive
Like the roots of a repotted
Wilting flower. My petals are
Falling. My eyelids are
Closing. Sleep in a college
Dorm is a death every night.




Again, I am so sorry for the very late post.  I’ll do my best in the future to do better.

I hope you enjoyed reading!  Thank you so much!  You’re lovely! ❤

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