Poetry Thursday–You Are My Rock Cycle

Hello, I’ve returned!

So … I’ve been thinking.  (About a lot of things actually, but right now, one specific thing.)

On Poetry Thursdays in the past, my regular aim has been 4 to 6 free verse poems that actually are more spilled ink poetry than anything else.  Exceptions are when I’m trying to cover a specific poetic form.

But recently, I’ve decided that maybe it would be better if I focused my energy into one extra good poem per Poetry Thursday, rather than multiple mediocre poems.

Quality over quantity, right?

Anyways, if anyone has an actual opinion on this, let me know, but for now, I think I’m going to try to spend as much time on one poem as I did on the multiples I usually do.

So uh, here’s what I worked extra hard on this week.


You Are My Rock Cycle

This sand was once rock.
Each individual grain originates from
a hard solid, one believed to never break down.
These rocks, made from dust and strung together
pieces of memory, are remade into ground that sinks
with the slightest weight and shows every step
taken on its surface. Rocks can be weathered
by even the small things—small things add up.
Until even rocks are cracked. Broken.
No one seems to see it coming,
like a storm the radar missed but the skies caught instead.
When the rock had always been sturdy, change
is the last thing expected.
“You are my rock.”
But rocks break, down into sand.

Sand, the weakest ground. Blows with the wind.
Epitome of change—never the same.
Sinks with steps. Flatten and clump with water.
Capture it in glass to tell time,
Make this opportunity into an ironic display of
what destroyed it—changed it—from rock into sand.
Time is all it takes.
The ocean beats down onto it; sunlight does the same.
Time is all it takes.
The same weather that broke the rock made the sand.
Though the sand is weak and rarely grows life,
it has potential to become more.
It creates the foundation on which we now stand,
and one day, the cycle will turn again,
leaving this dust and sand to become rock once more.
Time is all it takes.


I hope that wasn’t disappointing, to only get one poem today, if you’re used to more by me.

(I’m nervous about this one because I spent so long on it I guess.)

Well, anyhoo, have a lovely day!  Stick around for more poetry on Thursdays and all the stuff I do on Mondays. 🙂


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