Get to Know Me! :)

Hello, I’ve returned. 🙂

Okay … so I’m not going to lie.  I don’t really have anything ready for today’s Monday post.

I’ve been working hard on that short story I started a few weeks ago or so, but it’s not good enough yet.  Plus figuring out how to write the same poem six times took a lot of brain power … I’m still trying to absorb it back through drinking coffee.

I only post what I am 100% happy with.  To create something for the sake of quantity rather than quality isn’t to be creating anything at all.

(It’s called capitalism.)

Anyways, I thought I’d still do something off-the-cuff.  I never really just sit and talk to those that read this.  (Okay, it’s pretty one sided.  I talk, and hope you leave me comments … but that’s beside the point.)

I don’t really know what people want to know about me, so I’m going to take a wild swing in the dark.

… Please pretend I didn’t write my own questions


What do you do in your free time?

Usually I write, or I watch Netflix with my roommate.  I try to do both at the same time a lot, but I usually end up ignoring one in favor of the other.  I have recently begun coloring again, like when I was little.  I heard it was a stress reliever.  Plus, it’s wonderful time set aside specifically for thinking and plotting out stories.

Do you have any pets?

Yes.  I have three dogs.  A maltipoo, a goldendoodle, and a poodle.  They’re all sweet little beans that I miss dearly, being away at college and all.

What is your favorite color?

You know that light grey that the sky turns right before it rains?  That, tied with bright red, and the color between red and brown.

How do you feel about the oxford comma?


Sorry, I got a little heated.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

Lost.  I know, I can’t believe it either.  Especially now that my roomie and I are on season 4.  She’s seen it all before, but I had only seen the first season.  Back in high school, we took a class that studied film, and we watched the first season to study character development … I miss the way the first season was.

Last book you read?

Treasure Island.  I read it for a class.  I hadn’t read it before now.  All that I got from reading it is that cheese is a symbol for civilization.

Personality type?


Favorite meme?

Meme man, this week.

What classes are you taking?

Intro to Creative writing, a prerequisite for my major; a statistics course; Classical Mythology; Pirates (the reason I read Treasure Island), and Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek???  Pirates???

Yeah, they’re pretty fun classes.  I’ve learned a lot already about things I didn’t even know I wanted to know about.

First job?

I worked at a grocery store.  I don’t have anything nice to say about the experience.

What are you currently working on?

Let me tell you.  Everything.

There’s this lovely blog and the poetry and short story I have for it.  I have my completed novel that I’m trying to find an agent for, there’s the novel I’m planning out right now to practice different techniques on, I have five planned novels and three series that come after I get my current completed project on its feet in the real world, and I have a couple of verse novels I want to start.

Plus all the reading that comes with supporting others in the field, and a few dorky planning quirks I like to do to help me world-build.


So, that’s all I could come up with by myself.  I totally accept questions for this kind of stuff, so send me some if you have any!

Thank you for reading–you’re lovely!  Have a nice day! ❤

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