Poetry Thursday–Fragmented Poem

Hello, I’ve returned!

I hope you’ve been doing well.  Eating right, getting enough sleep, doing all that healthy jazz.  … Just like I totally have been … Because that’s how college works … the epitome of health.

Anyhoo, enough small talk.  No one likes that stuff anyways.

I wrote today’s poem in a style that I am completely unused to.  (You’ll be able to tell if you’ve read my other poetry, I’m sure.)

Typically, I use long, flowing sentences whose meaning can be lost if I later do not edit them to be shorter and more digestible.  This one, I reworked and reworked until I had it chopped up into little bits.

By doing this, I was able to find the pieces that were unnecessary for the poem.  I removed the unnecessary parts entirely … only to find that I had the same poem.  Except it was shorter.  Better for the modern short-attention spans and multitasking workaholics, right?


Keep Your Ideas to Yourself, I’ve got my Own, Thanks.

Struggle        to breathe.  Perceptions

of what I should be and          must

create.  Ideas.            Thrown        carelessly

to my feet.  Shatter through cracks

in            a glass floor.

Art can’t          breathe.  When

everyone wants a different piece.

Your ideas            of words.  Suffocating

grasp     around my wrists.  Fingertips

graze the         keyboard.

Empty electronic             paper.  Hold breath.

Wait for first word.             Words.

I need.  To           breathe.  This is how.  I.


Don’t     tell me.  How to.  Breathe.

(Yes, the spacing is on purpose.)

I hope you liked it!  This is my first piece in a style like this.  It went well I think.

Thanks for reading!  Have a lovely day! 🙂


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