Poetry Thursday–Shards Make for a Wonderful Poem

Hello, I’ve returned!

I don’t know if any of you will remember, but a few months ago, I did a Poetry Thursday on sestinas.

(You can find the sestinas post here if you want to look at it.)

One of them, Sestina for Emily, I brought to a workshop in one of my classes, just to see what would happen.  If you’re familiar with a workshop setting, you’ll know that I sat painfully silent while everyone else talked about the poem.

And … there was an interesting suggestion.

Break the form.

… I decided to Shatter it.

In a couple hours, Sestina for Emily became Broken Mirror Splattered with Rain.  (Yes, the breaking in the poem was inspired by my choosing to wreak the sestina form.  Haha, I’m original.)

You may note that this doesn’t even appear to be the same poem.  I don’t think it is any more.  I worked it over until it became something entirely new.

I’ve recently been interested in short, fragmented lines in poetry.  It’s kind of freeing to cut out words that would be necessary anywhere else, especially considering how wordy my prose can be at times.

I don’t think I could have reached this poem if I hadn’t gone through the form first.  While I did have to give up a few aspects that I loved in the sestina to create this, I think the end product is better for it.

(I hope you like this poem, Emily!)


Broken Mirror Splattered with Rain

sounds of glass breaking.
i’m drowning.

Bloody knuckles.
shards in wound.
pieces everywhere.

bones grow fragile.
knees hit floor.
soak up an ocean.
wet skin beneath eyes.

steady drumming.
rain falling.
watch a flower drown.
rain drips from petals.
won’t rinse off the color.


tints air.
grow beyond illusions.
of glass.
fight feelings.
of drowning.

scarlet light from moon.
fade to blue.
city lights leave.
no room for stars.
let them drown.

can’t see through falling ocean.
water drops.
cut like glass.
human skin.

keep breathing.
can’t drown if there’s air.
stronger than.

drip with blue.

broken Mirror.
with rain.
from wet eyes.
blue water.
red veins.
everything is purple.


I will not drown.
In a broken.
of Glass.


I hope you all liked this poem!  (Or at least liked the evolution breaking the form caused.)

Thank you for reading!  Have a lovely day!

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