Poetry Thursday–Queen of Hearts

Hello, I’ve returned.

Another free verse poem coming to you, from me, this one called Queen of Hearts.  (Though the title of this post probably told you that much.)

Anyways, please enjoy the following organized letters and words. ❤

Queen of Hearts

Aware of heartbeat.
Lung’s deep inhale.
It’s creepy.
How much you notice.
When you pause.
Stop moving.
Long enough to.
Feel the sun sigh.
See the wind play.
Your hair.
Thin drifting strands.
Heartbeat like a.
Booming sunset.
Hear it when you.
Let yourself pause.
For once.
Let it remind you.
Of the days when.
You made yourself.
Keep going.
When all you wanted.
Was a moment.
Of peace.
And a still.
Well you have that.
Now and yet you.
Hear your heart.


Thank you for reading!  I hope you have a lovely day!

~ Until next time. ❤

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