Poetry Thursday–Plagiarize this Exaggeration

Hello, I’ve returned!

So the poem for today is a lot longer than the ones that I usually write.  Hope you don’t mind.


Plagiarize this Exaggeration

Let’s begin, shall we?
Or would you rather sit there while I write the work?
Obviously, this poem has already been written, but go ahead:
Kindly consider this your work too.

It’s kind of selfish, don’t you think?

Would you treat the other poets like this? as they
Rot in sweltering rooms of stuffy silence,
Overshadowed by their own work.
They become less poet and more poetry.
Each concrete thing ends up only an idea in the end.

There’s nothing else to fear. Becoming the idea
Hidden in your own work
Is a temporary experience.
Soon focus will shift until the only thing left of you is

Obviously, there’s a little more to it than that,
Especially when souls without poetry pick up their pens.
Mind the mess—remember, it’s yours.

Focus while you write
Or you’ll lose yourself in the words of others evolving
Revolving into your own.

Maybe I’m exaggerating,
Yet my words, pardon me our words, seem to be ringing true.

Bring me something to write with.
Let me create something for you to take credit for.
Obscure me into history’s oblivion until I’m no longer even a memory.
Give my ideas away to the undeserving.

Another Shakespeare—ha! what a joke.
No one will believe in a liar that chokes,
Deserving of it or not.

No one believes a liar in the end,
Other than other liars.
There’s something ironic in an act of plagiarism.
How could this sound like your voice?
I think something is missing in both of us.
No one will believe a liar like you.
Go ahead and give me your truth.

Everything disappears in the end.
Let me become the idea behind my poetry.
Someone else will take credit for my work.
Even the good can be liars.


Did you notice the secret message hidden in the first letter of each line?  Haha

Thanks for reading!  Have a lovely day! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday–Plagiarize this Exaggeration

  1. I was able to detect the meaning from each letter of the first line without seeing your last sentence! Yea!!

    I liked the meaning of your poem, but I am curious if someone did take from your work??? I hope not!

    Liked by 1 person

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