Poetry Thursday–Thanksgiving

Hello, I’ve returned!

Today was an important holiday in America, Thanksgiving.  A day to celebrate what you’re thankful for.  A day to spend with family and loved ones.  A day where you spend all day cooking a feast with your family to eat later.

Unfortunately for me, a few tragedies have arisen at the same time these festivities are supposed to take place.  I won’t go into detail–they aren’t my things to talk about.  There really isn’t much reason to bring it up, other than a potential for a slip in content delivery.  I’m going to do my best to keep up with the same schedule.  But if I need to skip a few days, I hope you’ll understand I have reasons, and it won’t be permanent.

(You can probably tell I have been influenced by what’s going on around me, but that’s okay.  It’s what you’re supposed to do when you write poetry).

My house still smells like my aunts homemade rolls.  It’s very nice.  Perfect poetry writing environment.

Okay, okay.  Enough chit-chat.  Let’s be honest, I know you came here for the poem.  ❤


Familiar Hearth

Today, I am
for my skin
beneath my own fingers
& the smiles in the eyes
of loved ones
as they fight tears
of uncertainty.
I am grateful
for the lead shoes
that keep us here
on Earth
despite the clouds
that tug
on strands of hair,
pulling back heads.
My chin might
but I am Thankful
for support
& unseen
any other
time of the year.
mostly, I am
for the air as I breathe.
Though it’s harsh,
it smells like baked bread
& a familiar hearth.
I am thankful
for this air
that reminds me
I’m still here,
& so is everyone else.


Thank you so much for reading.  I really do appreciate you. ❤

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