Poetry Thursday–Pink Eyelash

Hello, I’ve returned.

I hope you are all doing well.  🙂

Okay, to be honest, I wrote this poem because I had something in my eye and I couldn’t get it.  But … I think it still turned out okay despite the odd inspiration.

(It’s gone now by the way.  I think writing the poem cured my eye.)

Anyways, please enjoy the product of my pain.


Pink Eyelash

I pull at my eyelid
yet again, to get
that damn eyelash
out of my eye.
It’s stabbing.
Obscuring vision
with tears trying
to help with
obsolete intention.
The eyelash won’t come
Away from my vision;
trying to help made it
worse. I stare
into the bathroom mirror,
insistent upon
ridding myself of this.
But instead I see
all my eyelashes
are gone.
All that remains:
Drops of blood that
turn my tears pink.


(Disclaimer: my eye did not start to bleed because of the thing in my eye.  I was just being poetic.  Do not be concerned.)

Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed!  Thanks for reading–you’re all lovely and I appreciate your attention.


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