Poetry Thursday–Sea Maiden

Hello, I’ve returned.

Things got a little crazier for me, but I’m still managing.  Don’t worry.

Anyways, I wrote this poem.  It’s one of the shorter ones I’ve written, especially since I stopped posting poems in clusters, but it’s one of my favorites.

Short, sweet, simple.  And about mermaids.  I mean, that’s a pretty good recipe for a poem, don’t you think?

Sorry, rhetorical questions.  I know.  Ew.  No one likes them, right?

Haha, okay, I’m actually sorry now.

Please enjoy this poem!  Yay.


Sea Maiden

The mermaid fell in love with sailors,
A new one every moon,
But she had a problem.
They couldn’t breathe when
She pulled them into her world.


Yep, told you it was short.

Anyways, thank you for reading.  More poetry on Mondays and Thursdays until the new year, when Mondays will go back to normal.  Thank you for understanding that I need to do this–the double poetry days.

Have a nice day!

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