Gelatin Ooze

Hello, I’ve returned. 🙂

I have finals this week for the classes I’m taking.  But … It’s going to be okay.


Anyways, I have another poem, one that might or might not be indirectly inspired from studying for the tests.  I actually don’t remember — I’m not trying to be cryptic.  I wrote the poem, then fell asleep.


Gelatin Ooze

I can’t be blamed
for the way my heart
behaves, a runaway pounding
drone running like
clockwork. Squishing
gelatin ooze
that no one can hold
in bare hands
or basket.
Hear the ticking?
skip a beat
call it anxiety
but that term—
mild it may be—
couldn’t do this
When emotions
bubble out
at the seams
of a runaway


I hope you liked it!  Thank you so much for reading.

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