Poetry Thursday–Glasses

Hello, I’ve returned!

Sorry this post is up so late today!  To be honest, I simply got distracted watching a french film where nothing happened.  I’ll be back to writing again soon. 🙂

Until that soon arrives, please enjoy this old poem of mine that I found.



I don’t like the way they sit on my face,
And my eyes appear a little buggy.
The nose pieces leave bruises on the bridge of my nose.
My ears are weighted down by the arms.

They represent intelligence,
Though they’re only for vision.
I can’t see at all,
And somehow that’s prettier.

Maybe ignorance is bliss
And bliss is beauty.
But I’m blind, not blissful,
Without my predestined mark of intelligence.

I’m just as pretty with them
As I am without.
Silly little frames that sit on my face—
Meant for vision—represent IQ.

Though they sit uncomfortably
From the pressure to be prettier,
I find I like it much better
To be pretty to brains than pretty to blindness.


Thanks for reading!  I appreciate it!

~Until next time!~

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