Poetry Thursday–Don’t Drink Yet

Hello, I’ve returned!

I hope you’re all doing well, or at least enjoying that post-holiday calmness.

Today’s poem is about coffee.  (I know what you’re thinking.  “Oh, a blogging poet writing about coffee, real original, Beth.”  Well … thanks.)  But, it is also about rage, if that accounts for any variation on the norm.

Coffee and rage … do they even go together?  I suppose in the morning they would, if you were about to drink a cup, but it was filled with grounds and … this is beside the point.

Anyhoo, please enjoy the poem!


Don’t Drink Yet

your words
they sting
see how i flinch as spit
flies from your spewing rage
but you’re getting burned too
i see your lips curl
up & your tongue pose
like a snake
as if you finally
what it truly is like
to take a gulp
of scalding coffee


(Yes, the capitalization and punctuation is on purpose … or lack thereof I suppose.)

Thank you for reading!  It means a lot to me!

Have a lovely day!

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