An Odd, Old Prologue

Hello, I’ve returned!

In the aftermath of my time away from writing new material, I’ve been having trouble deciding what I want my next project to be.  There are so many “novels” I’ve begun that have just over a chapter to them actually written.  (Though each one of them have been thought out entirely in daydreams.

The point is that there is too much to do … so many things to work on.  I have a general idea of my next book, but as I was checking the “novels” on my flash-drives, i found an interesting prologue I had forgotten about … to be honest, I don’t remember the direction I wanted to take it.

So, naturally.  I decided to share this prologue.

Please enjoy!



I didn’t know.

I didn’t know that I would one day come to fear my own shadow, or look at my reflection.  I didn’t know that monsters do exist, but not in the way that you would think.  I didn’t know that people, other humans could be considered monsters.  I didn’t know those weren’t actually people at all.  I didn’t know that other worlds existed in the strangest of places.  I didn’t know that I could save worlds.  I didn’t know that I could destroy them either.  I didn’t know that I had power.  I didn’t know that there were other pieces of me.  I didn’t know that my enemies could be my friends, nor did I know that my friends could turn on me like a rabid dog.  I didn’t know that my choices affect more than just myself.  I didn’t know the events of my world would affect the events in other worlds.

I just . . . didn’t know.

You see, I used to be like you are.  Probably cozied up in a blanket, reading leisurely, or maybe drinking coffee or wishing for coffee.  Sometimes reading books and yawning, like you have the potential to if I don’t spin my words into a beautiful tale.  Or maybe you prefer something darker?  Well, I can do dark, as well as beautiful.  I know a lot of things now that I didn’t used to, and if you stay with me through the duration of my story, I’ll tell you everything.  There may be some half-truths, slightly exaggerated details, or full out lies, but every good story has that.  If I want your attention long enough to say what I need to, then it’s what must be done anyhow.

I’m not a liar though.

Some of the pieces I found are, but the one telling this story is truthful to a certain extent, truthful enough to tell this story to you at least.  The others . . . well, we’ll get there.  It’s far ahead into the story.

Before you can read this, I feel the urge to inform you about what you will encounter within these pages.

One.  There will be the worst reflections of everything you and I hold dear.

Two.  Your shadow will become the thing you fear most, just like the rest of us disillusioned fools

Three.  All your dreams come true, from daydreams to nightmares.  Watch where your mind drifts too.

And after all three things have won, nothing will be left but empty shells living the lives we used to.

I’d tell you that it will be okay, but I’ve already agreed to not outright lie to you.

Make sure to control not only your vices, but your virtues as well, and you have the potential to survive the eye opening experience this story will bring you.



If you have any ideas of what I could do with this, let me know in the comments.  I’ll be brainstorming myself.  I think this could be an interesting project.

~Until Poetry Thursday, lovelies!

Goodbye.  (And thank you for reading!!!!)

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