Technological Difficulties

Hello, I’ve returned.

I’m writing this on my phone, because for some reason, none of the WiFi networks are working. It’s been kind of spotty lately, but today it’s flat out dead. They show up–they’re all listed. None of them connect. 🙄

(Do emojis show up on posts?)

I’m not sure how the formatting is going to work out on this. Oh well, I guess.

I would go to a computer lab, but they are all PACKED. We have to get our homework done and submitted regardless of Internet availability … because nearly everything is submitted online now.

I’m honestly surprised my phone is letting me use my data right now.

But, in other news, I have a poem for you.

Technical Difficulties

A society that

Depends too much on


Will blame the youth

For the


Everyone commits.

Don’t depend on something that can be



everyone does it anyway.









Sorry, I’m a tad bit upset.

Thank you for reading, I know this isn’t my best work. 💔

(I wrote it as I was typing out this post. Haha)

Anyway, fingers crossed for a return to computer written posts on Thursday.

Have a lovely day, all ye with Internet.

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