Poetry Thursday–Apology

Listen, I know Monday was a disappointment.  But I can assure you that I was the most disappointed of us all.

So … to make up for it, I’ve been writing poems since the internet went out, in preparation for this glorious Thursday afternoon.  (Evening?)

The internet is back now, so no need to worry about me getting my homework done.  However, the elevators here couldn’t be shiftier.

Please, enjoy these poems.


The poem I should have posted on Monday, but wrote on Tuesday:

2018’s Average American College Student

Shaking hands holding coffee cups

up to shaking, chapped lips.

The wifi went down last night

& we need to stay

A            W          A            K            E

though our eyes water with

tears and desperation.

Work must be done—

caffeinate to stay awake.

Grades depend on this.  We are dehydrated & yet

we still manage to drown in this.

Did the end of net neutrality

do this to us?  Government shutdown—

impending war—a church was threatened

a mile from my down with

hate slurs and death threats because they hosted a protest against Trump.

How can this be freedom?

I’m enslaved to debt and work

but everything else demands

more attention than it receives.


My wifi is out.

Missing information overload.


Net neutrality.

Fake news.



Are you censoring me?

I know you’re trying to.

Poets are always the first to go.


I raise my coffee cup to my lips.

In Debt To Work.

Dehydrated & Drowning.

How can this be freedom.


Don’t Put All Your Stars on One Ceiling

I covered my ceiling in
The kind that
glow in the dark,
so that even when the light was gone
a little bit remained
by default
the darkness didn’t seem
as scary
that way
it didn’t have as
strong of a hold
over me

the main light
the light that charged the stars
burned out
& the stars light
faded & ceased.

The darkness
I feared
Was all that was left
& I realized
I didn’t fear this.

I feared the loss of my light.


You see potential
here, but maybe you should see
what actually is.


There was a girl
that saw the stars within me
but she drew the wrong
c o n s t e l l a t i o n s


God is opening
windows, but I cannot sleep
with these slamming doors.



So … uh, sorry, once again.  Hope this makes up for it.  ❤

Have a lovely rest of your day! 🙂

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