Static. (A Poem About the Dangers of Being Q U I E T For Too Long)

So I wrote another poem.  I guess that’s kind of obvious though.

This one is sort of related to my cousin, but it is more about my experience of the quiet waiting room.

Let me tell you–you can spend months in a place and even say it feels like home–but still despise it and what it does to you.  The hospital “family room” was simultaneously the most comfortable part of my experience and the worst part.

You know that silence that over takes a room of crowded people.  That stillness in the middle of an exam when everyone is working but no one is done?  Morning in a coffee shop before the first customer has ordered?  Grocery stores at eleven p.m.  A park at midnight.  A school on a weekend in summer.

That kind of stillness.  That silence.

I lived in it for weeks, months.

It was suffocating.  There were times where I was worried I would breathe too loudly and disturb someone else in my family.  Suffocating silence.

Well … please enjoy the poem that spawned from the discomfort of my prolonged silence.



i catch myself

w h i s p e r i n g

at least             once a day.  i used to

speak  l o u d l y

from the heart

but now the

b e a t i n g

is timid.  Spent too long in

hushed hospitals

to keep up my sound.  silence

can be a  f r i e n d  but my

ears won’t stop ringing

& all I can hear is a

f   l   a   t   l   i   n   e

reminding me why it’s so hard

to get out of bed in the morning


sometimes when I close

my eyes,

I can still feel the tense

static of stale air

pricking at the exposed skin of my arms

& tracing my throat

with  t h r e a t s  of disturbing the quiet

with a loud, unwelcome laugh

This isn’t the place to laugh.


I grew used to the quiet

the silence—my silence

I’m not supposed to whisper anymore—

can’t be heard over my  h e a r t b e a t

but my ears are ringing with

a static flatline in an empty hospital hall.



I hope you liked it.  Let me know what you thought, please. 🙂

Have a nice day, and stay safe.

4 thoughts on “Static. (A Poem About the Dangers of Being Q U I E T For Too Long)

  1. Very deep, very poignant. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve certainly experienced it first-hand and it’s so difficulty to accept and then let go of the pain and sadness. It takes time, but it can be done!

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  2. Reading this, I am so thankful at the beauty of words on a page which can sometimes capture the immense longing and pain in our hearts which cannot be voiced. This is very powerful.

    Liked by 1 person

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