(In/Ex)hale–A Poem About the Art of Remembering to Breathe

Hello, lovelies.

Since catharsis is my middle name, I of course wrote another poem about suffering.  Well … I guess that sentence is only partially true.  You can decide which half.

This poem is probably pretty jumbled, but I think that adds to its character.  I might go back and revise it later, but we’ll see.



I can’t breathe between feelings of ease.
There are certain points when it doesn’t
matter anymore, but now is not one of
those times. An inhale can be a relief
but there’s something weighing on my
chest, censoring air intake—easier to
breathe out
and out
and out
and never let anything in.

That’s no way to live.

You have to take in as much as you let out
listen as much as you talk
take as much as you give

People suffocate on much less.
You can’t keep exhaling.

This ease, the ease of exhale
the art of letting go will weigh
heavy on your lungs, drain your
brain of oxygen until all you can
see is the stars in your blood stream
as you lose consciousness between
partially closed eyes that stare at the

That’s no way to live.



Thank you so much for reading!  You’re a lovely human!

Let me know what you think!  And if there’s any part in particular that you think I should focus on when I revise this. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day!  See you back here ~next time!~

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