An Unprepared Post, but I Wrote You a Poem to Make Up for It.

Hello, everyone.  I hope you are all doing well.

I’m doing better–finally got all that sleep I needed this weekend.  (Last week I was sleeping through my alarm/turning it off while I was still asleep.)

So, I’m going to be honest–I don’t have anything ready for today.  I would, but I slept for about 11 hours the past three days in a row.

Usual nightmare stuff plagued my dreams, but sleep is sleep and sleep is inherently good.  For example I dreamed I tried to get on an airplane but they thought I was a terrorist, so I ran away through an empty mall that was blaring “Africa” by Toto.  I think I stopped to eat pretzels?

Ha.  Good times.

It actually doesn’t bode well with me that I don’t have any writing to share today … so I’m going to write you a poem real quick.  Hold tight.

(Well, I guess it won’t be any different from regular posts for you, now will it?)


Winter isn’t Over yet, but Today it doesn’t Exist

The sunlight dusted the dirt through green
chlorophyll for the first time this year. The air was
still, holding its breath as the students
embarking on their mile-long walks to class
left their coats in the dorm for the first
time this year. The stillness of this air
would usually leave a clinging, ugly, tight
like saran wrap, feeling over bare wrists
but today it feels like the hug of familiar
arms waiting to embrace the changing season
as it finally came home.


See?  Minutes for me, seconds for you.  I hope you liked it–though I am sorry about its mediocrity.

I drew inspiration from the pleasant morning I had–I woke up on time, I didn’t need a coat, and the plants are beginning to bloom again.

Of course, there’s always a deeper meaning between the lines, but I leave that for you to figure out yourselves.  (I can’t do all the work. 😛 )

Have a lovely rest of your day!  I hope to be better prepared on Thursday.


3 thoughts on “An Unprepared Post, but I Wrote You a Poem to Make Up for It.

  1. These last two writings were very good—like the rest of your writing!! I’m sorry you were sick on your birthday! It made me sad and I missed our continued celebration of your 19th year!


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