There Are Some Things that I Cannot Speak//If I Cannot Speak, I Will Write

Hello, everyone!  I’m not sure what this poem is about, but I like it anyways.

It’s a tad bit heavy, but that’s kind of relative to what you typically read, isn’t it? 🙂

Please enjoy!


There are some things that I cannot speak.

             People of my past that I wish to forget.

             People of my future that I do not want to meet.

             People of my present that I fought to keep for years.

Faces come with memories and sometimes I see others where they shouldn’t be.

I see his eyes whenever I look at the murky sky, a gravel road, a grave stone

             The Dirt of a Fresh Grave.

Her face is hidden in my reflection.  Even when my eyes are closed.

There are things that bind us, things that are closer than blood inside veins can be.

The blood on the outside of veins.

My past is made of people.  People that hold pieces of me that I had the nerve

to pass out like Halloween candy.

Not everyone likes this type of candy.

Things I cannot speak carry my weight more than I do.

Lessons in pain are stronger than the soft arms and hardened heart of a

poet that knows how to cry in ways that no one can see.

Years of practice will make you perfect

            in the eyes of another—never yourself.

Mouth kept shut—I will not speak to you.  I owe no answers.

I own no guilt.

I have learned to be more than what I previously let myself be.


–If I Cannot Speak, I Will Write



In all honesty, I think this poem is about several things at once, and the message got all mixed up in my subconscious before going on the page.  I think it makes it more interesting.

There’s a verse novel that I want to write (contents and title are a secret).  I think this poem would make a good opener for it.  🙂  It’s going to take me awhile to get the project off the ground, but when I do, I’ll have some details worth sharing.

Thanks for reading today’s poem, everyone!  I hope you all have a lovelier day than yesterday, whatever that means to you.

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