Nurture (A Poem Written in Haiku)

So today, I wanted to write a haiku.  Of course, I couldn’t stop at just one (sort of like when you eat chips).  I ended up arranging the similar ones into a poem, making each stanza a haiku.

(Yes, a couple were written to fill in gaps between the collected haiku.)

These are all new ones that you haven’t seen before, but I have been planning on doing a mega-post of all of my haiku.  A compilation, if you will.

When I remember and when I have all of my old poetry records with me, I will make this post.  It can only happen when both conditions exist at the same time.

(If I forget, someone remind me in the comments.  Thanks you!)

Anyways, here’s today’s new haiku poem. 🙂



The written word will

provide strength if you let it

nurture you in youth.

         My hands have glued to

             keyboards the same way other

          children take up sports.


Poison weighs heavy

on poetic hearts—relieve

pressure—write it out.

          I spit poison on

           pages with ink made of blood

        until I am cleansed.


There is no right way

to write, but there is a wrong

way—without passion.


           The words nurture me.

          They wipe poison from my lips,

            wash my hands of blood.


I hope you liked it!  Thanks for reading everyone!

If you want me to do more haiku-directed poems, let me know in the comments.  I would be happy to oblige because this is my favorite form. 🙂  (And all I need is a reason.)

Have an amazing rest of your day!

One thought on “Nurture (A Poem Written in Haiku)

  1. I really like the indentation and italics. Again, as in my previous comment, I’m going to harp about extra layers of creativity/meaning embedded in poetry. I get the impression most poets don’t ever play around with these things!

    Liked by 1 person

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