Reflections in Four–Versions of Instance One

Hello!  I have the first part of a four part poem series for you guys today.  I’m working very hard on this series, and my plan is to have elements from each poem compliment the other parts.

So far, this is working out well. 🙂

This first part is the strangest one out of the bunch in my opinion, so I hope you’ll forgive me for that.  You can read it how ever you like–either in columns, up and down, or across, left to write.



Reflection in Four—A Version of Instance One


mirrors                              tricky things.

reflection                          a truth.

your                                   truth.

distorted                           truth.

wrong way                       wrong shape.

wrong                                reflection.

still                                     truth.

truth                                  a form of perspective.

reflection                          a perspective.

perspective                      not truth.


          Do not trust reflections.

         They say the wrong thing.

         They tell the wrong story.


mirrors                              not distorted.

viewer                               is.

you will not see               the truth in a mirror.

you will see                      a perspective.

you will see                      your perspective.

mirrors                              tricky.

mirrors                              a reflection of you.

the mirror                        will trick you.

wrong reflections            become truth.

wrong reflections            not truth to you.

wrong reflections            but a truth to another.

Watch                                your perspective.

Reflections                       only perspective.

Truth                                 a perspective

Mirrors                             missing pieces in the middle.

What you see                   is truth.

Don’t                                 believe it.



Thank you for reading!  I hope you enjoyed it!

The rest of the sections will be up through this week and next–so be on the look out for those!  I plan to write them in drastically different ways.

2 thoughts on “Reflections in Four–Versions of Instance One

  1. I feel it is read best top-down, each column individually. The left column seems like a pacemaker or setter or whatever you would call it for a line, like each line has a title, and then the right side reads very well downward on its own. I didn’t try reading it too many ways~

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