Tulips Need Water Too; The Seasonal Matriarchy

Good morning, everyone!  (Or good “whatever-time-of-day-you-are-reading-this-in-your-time-zone.”)

Listen, I know I’ve been doing a lot of experimental poetry recently.  So for this lovely poetic display for today, I decided to go back to basics.  I haven’t added any intentional frills with formatting.  Instead, I’m going to let the words speak for themselves.

I drew from mythology while I wrote this poem, then deviated in small ways repeatedly, so really it’s not mythological anymore.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  But I’m sure it’s fine.

Also I gave the poem two titles because I couldn’t pick one over the other, but it doesn’t count as “adding frills” because I said so.


Tulips Need Water Too; The Seasonal Matriarchy

She stirred her ice water with a
sun-glinting spoon, head tilted
back to feel the light on her
eyelids as it streamed through
leaves – nature’s green cloak. With
an absent-minded flick of the wrist,
she launched a single ice cube
from her sun-glinting spoon
to the feet of her mother,
to mark her growth
into Summer, as the season goes.

Spring picked up the ice cube
thrown to the ground by her daughter,
only to have it melt in her cupped hand.
Spring tilted her palm to water
a nearby tulip, now that the water’s
potential had been released.
Now there is growth –
now that the tulips have been watered,
Spring’s daughter can take her place.


Anyway, let me know what you thought!  Thanks for reading!

Good luck to any of you out there taking finals this week!

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