it’s simple math: poet + engineer = airplane

Hello, everyone!

So, the usual.  I wrote another poem.  Who is surprised?

No one should be surprised.  I hope.

Please enjoy the poem.  (My boyfriend recommended the topic.  <3)


As always, I’m distracted by the sight of an airplane in the

Electric sky-blue air.  Reality seems to restrict what I

Remember in this light—reduce it to the hum of a propeller caught in

Omnipresent wind—a reduction to aero, plain humming.

Plain and simple, my thoughts don’t

Linger but travel.  This is what they mean when they say my head is trapped in clouds,

Always cloudy in my brain.  Turbulence is one thing, and shaking

In love is another.  The poet and the engineer, there couldn’t be better

Nostalgia in a love story carried on metal wings.  Air isn’t plain, it’s

Electric, a peak of static, when two sides of creation collide.


–it’s simple math: poet + engineer = airplane


Thank you for reading!  I appreciate every single second you spend reading the words that I write!!!!  (Really!)

Have an awesome rest of your day!

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