Absolution (Means Nothing) ; Blessed with Efficiency; a Poem

Hello, everyone!  I hope you’re all doing alright!

I sliced my hand today (by accident!) while trying to harvest a small avocado, so as long as that didn’t happen to you today, you’re doing better than me.  It makes typing rather uncomfortable, I must say.

But literally nothing will stop me from posting poetry.  At best, I will be delayed.

And yes, this poem has two titles.  I don’t like picking sometimes, okay?

Enjoy this poem please. 🙂


Absolution (Means Nothing) ; Blessed with Efficiency

Broken breathing is nothing but
Engineering at its peak.
Natural selection–
Justice made in a lab.
Absolution means nothing when you are
Blessed with
Efficiency. Dragging out
Time, truth, it now
Hurts the machines, now hunted by humans in metal armor

Does this make any sense?  A few
Preoccupations can taint any crime scene’s
Original blood-blue color. Forget about
Red, everything here is cold and blue–they forgot to breathe in the
Broken natural selection.
Omnipresent engineering couldn’t fix a problem even god
Left to the humans to solve. A little word called
Or in other words a lack of effectiveness in blessings of
Absolute efficiency.

Truth and time turns
A page on the earth’s flat surface but
You already knew that when i looked into your eyes with the knowledge
Only a creator could have gained from experience in making
A work from scratch but poets are not gods.


Alright!  Thank you for reading!  I really appreciate it!  🙂  It brings me joy to know there are people out there that like to read my writing.  Honestly, it’s surreal.

Have a lovely day!

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