I Knew the Song Anyway–It Was Friendship (A Poem about my Friend)

Hello, everyone!

As I’m sure you already know, I love to ask those around me what they think I should write my next poem about.

Well, the other day, I asked one of my best friends in the whole world what she thought would make a good focus point for today.  And she requested I write about her.

So I did.  This poem is about my Abby.

I have a friend that likes to talk about the people she loves,

brag about them, express affection in every way possible.  Her

boyfriend and I hear about each other all the time—easy

endearing action—friends before we even met.  Finding

someone so willing to bear their soul, open it to a

wind like me is thrilling.  A song from a cartoon

I watched as a kid once said “You ain’t never

had a friend like me” and I played the jazz version for her

while we sat in her kitchen a little before midnight,

singing for each other after eating three

boxes of mac and cheese and half a container of

dip for chips.  Her voice was beautiful—it reminded me of

something but I still can’t figure out what it was.  I’m

convinced we’ve met before, that I’ve heard that voice before.

My heart swelled with affection as she closed her made-up

eyes, wrinkling the lids in focus as she hit the high note

in a song I had never heard before.

-I Knew the Song Anyway–It was Friendship


(I hope you like it, Abby!)

Thank you everyone so much for reading!  Be sure to like the post if you liked what I said about my friend. 🙂

Have a nice day! ❤

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