The Chalkboard is Made of Styrofoam and the Plate Has Nail Marks

Hey, everyone! 🙂

I know this is up late today–I was helping a childhood friend of mine with moving.  The two of us have been besties since second grade, you know.

And she even recommended the topic for today’s poem.  A used Styrofoam plate from one of KFC’s buffets.

And the co-topic of “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?”

These may seem totally random but they actually made sense at the moment she recommended them.

So here’s the poem!


Nails on Styrofoam, squeak like a

chalkboard on the verge of tipping—

an empty plate.  Are you smarter

than a fifth grader?  I wouldn’t

know if I was—haven’t been playing

as long as her—I dropped my

plate on the way to the

buffet—my nails slipped off

the Styrofoam and the mashed potatoes

made waves in the classroom

dripping with gravy—waves like

the pattern on my empty plate

that used to be too full

until I emptied it with the

crash of a wave goodbye.

–The Chalkboard is Made of Styrofoam and the Plate Has Nail Marks


Thanks, Rachel!  I couldn’t have written this poem without your influence.  Really.

Now, I’m going to go because I told myself I could have a second plate of spaghetti after I finished this post.  🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading!  More fun stuff to come next week!

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