It’s Memorial Day and I Miss Him Dearly; An Explanation of How I Feel Today

Hey, everyone!  I hope you’re all having a nice Memorial Day.

Because I have a lot of feelings all the time, I wrote this poem about today’s American Holiday intended for remembering the lost lives of soldiers, but to my chagrin and dismay, the poem ended up being about refrigerators at my friends’ houses.

So fun being an artist.  None of us ever end up doing what we meant to.

Anyways, I’m sure that if you squint and tilt your head to the side, you can decipher my original intentions,  Somehow.

It’s proven poetic science, I’m sure.

humming refrigerators remind me of what it’s like to be in
empty houses when I’m the only one home in a friend’s
strange place. the sound is unfamiliar like a
friend’s house I’m spending the night at for the
second time. I know it’s coming—the sound—I know I won’t like
the sound at night the moment it hits;
I’m still caught off guard. the open-air hums, same as the
fridge, same as my bones do with timid shakes as homesickness
wracks my body worse than the distant time before this, the first time it happened in the
enigma between the familiarity of friendship and the frailty
of a house that is not your own. I am
drenched in sweat, yet I thirst for a sip of the soda I refused
before heading off to my premade blanket bed on the floor. this
unfamiliarity is not my home—unacceptable to open a
refrigerator that is not my own, even if I was already offered the drink
inside. I note the violence of the humming, how the fridge seems to
shake its own contents. it strikes me strangely that the soda hasn’t exploded yet
and stranger that the drops still haven’t reached my lounge by themselves.

–It’s Memorial Day and I Miss Him Dearly; An Explanation of How I Feel Today


Also I wrote this in my kitchen late at night while the fridge was humming, but I’m sure that had to affect on my poem at all.

Thanks for reading everyone!  Be sure to like the poem if you actually liked it!

I promise to keep up the good work in exchange for your time and attention!



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