Don’t Read this if you Hate Haiku Poetry

So … Haiku.

Three line poems with set syllables of five, then seven, then five again.  Poems that originated from Japan that I happily use as my favorite poetic form.

I have easily written over a hundred haiku just this year and I’m not even sorry.

So, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys, because I love and appreciate all of you and I want you to see some of the poems I’ve written in the form that I also love and appreciate.

Haiku aren’t really named, so I number these for distinction purposes.  Don’t worry about what the numbers mean–they’re for me to keep them apart from each other and aren’t meant to make any sense to anyone else.



Black out the past.  Dont

remember where you came from —

remember why you left.



A girl saw the stars

within me, but she drew the

wrong constellations.



I shouldn’t have to

fill the shoes you took off to

fly away from here.



Lately, I’ve been dreaming,

scrubbing the dirt off my soul,

grasping for a chance.



Smoke hisses through my

lungs, as I take in the sight

of bridges I’ve burned.



I’m all words and I

can’t help when they fall from my

mind and through my pen.



Growing up: hard parts.

Futures imagined ourselves

when young won’t come now.



It is a sad day

when you realize your hero

wears rusty armor.




The problem is not

that people change themselves —

it is that they don’t.


I picked all of these out just for you guys!  I hope you liked them!  If you did, or if you simply appreciate haiku, give this post a like and I’ll keep on writing stuff like this. 🙂

Thanks for reading!  It means a lot!  I hope every one of you has an amazing day!

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