But now I can See the Moonlight From Where I Hang

So.  Honestly, I don’t know what happened with this poem.

There were a few images I had in mind while writing it, and then I added a few more … and then I was writing about Spiders again.

I don’t even like spiders.

So anyway.  Here’s the poem, crazy as it became. 🙂


evidence is risky business when
moonlight hides our tracks with light trapped in
spiderwebs that weave our story into the fabric of time,
even though the threads will only be snipped at
the end of our tunnels of light. risky business is
always contained in a sip of nightlife in the wrong place, but what will
the moonlit spiderweb record if not everything can be seen? what can
ignorance replace at the end of our roads. justify the risk—it’s your own business,
ramifications don’t concern me—this isn’t my web. a lonely spiderweb scarf to keep
risky necks hidden under the moon. I will run from people like you, but
I will only crash into them again and again when my only path is an
evolutionary collision course leading me down the tunnel of humanity. the
never ending tunnel of love where humans break down and stay lost for
eternal hours in the dark. light is at the end of the tunnel, never the middle.
light will not guide you down your path, your risky-rocky road.
realizations only come at the end—an end that cannot be placed on
a gameboard, or even a spider’s web. the threads—snap!—and I am
caught dangling from the end of a tunnel I didn’t know surrounded me.

—But now I can See the Moonlight From Where I Hang



Thanks for reading! 🙂  I’m working hard on a surprise for you guys.  Get ready to get psyched, because it’s going to be *revolutionary!*

I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to read my poetry!  I means a lot to me!  Have a wonderful rest of your day!

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