I Don’t Know what Happened to this Poem. (*Consolation Haiku Included*)

Okay, I’m going to be honest.  I tried to write a poem for today–a really nice one too.  But it ended up really weird.  (About chocolate ice cream and Peter Pan).

So … I decided to share the strange poem, along with some haiku I scribbled down today at work during some slow moments.  It didn’t feel right to only give you guys the weird poem.


Peter Pan’s Chocolate Ice Cream Brigade

simple missing boy around rooms made of chocolate

rooms made of chocolate with a lost growing boy

he’s looking for ice cream, but the room has already

been raided by Peter; former Pirate Peter that leaves the ice cream

melted into puddles that missing boys can see reflections in

chocolate ice cream would be better kept underground where

lost boy reflections in puddles made of former chocolate

reminisce on what it’s like to be a boy lost in the woods

trapped behind Peter Pan in a never-ending war against

pirates.  manhood is a trap, but this quick puddle could be too

simple missing rooms around chocolate made of lost boy wishes

to go home to mum and pop.  too much chocolate to drink here

too much freedom for a growing boy’s health

light a match to see past Pan’s propaganda—more than a boy

named Peter—more than a Greek god leading boys away from home

away from eager hope of what could eventually be seen

in those reflections of melted chocolate, sugar filled dreams


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Rip.  I couldn’t fix it.  Hope to come back to this poem one day.  But then again, I might also just ignore it forever.




I am the captain

of this storm and I pilot

it to destruction


Gossip follows where

education does not want

to associate.


Glowing ember heart.

Smoky lungs.  Ash in my eyes.

A fever.  I burn.


Okay, thanks for reading everyone!  I appreciate each and every one of you! ❤

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