The Hummingbird–A Poem Written in a Weird Mood of Mine

Haha, hey fam.

I’ve been up since 4 am of my own choice, and WOW does it feel good to be productive.  I have done so much work on my novels today–you guys are going to be so proud of me when it’s done in two years.

(Books take a lot of time, yo.)

Anyways, I’m all hyped up on coffee and a surprisingly good-night’s sleep, so I decided to go ahead and write a poem.  It’s a longer poem than usual.  It goes a couple of lines over onto a second page in Microsoft word.

It’s about a hummingbird.  (I’m sure you gathered that from the title of this post, but eh.)  A humming bird, because I kind of think of myself as one.  Just a little.  It’s not my spirit animal though.  My spirit animal is a red fox.  I know because my friends and I took the “official” spirit animal test in Spanish class back in high school.

I really don’t know why I didn’t do well in Spanish class.  If you call a B not doing well.  Wow, I’m kind of a nerd.

Anyways, when I was writing this poem, I did let it go a little dark (well, my parents are going to think it’s dark) but eh.  I like to keep my work interesting.  🙂

Fight me, moms.

Okay, here’s the poem, yo.


The Hummingbird

My sweet tooth acts up with a
sharp stab
to the temple—disproportionate headache.
Lets me know it’s time to
indulge again.
Sugary syrup I take with my
meals—involve the work-induced sweetness.
My mornings are made of coffee
dripping sweet.

I like to move fast—the world
can only try to keep up with me as I
buzz around and around
from flower to flower
opportunity to opportunity.
Work consumes me, but I like it this
way. Busy is a forte I like to use as
a descriptor—me and myself, we
keep each other company when I’m
locked away in my mind. My mind
is where the magic happens.
My mind is where the sugar I consume
becomes poetry.
It’s where the sweet dripping
caffeine turns to gold gilded worlds
made only of my words.

Flower to flower.
Poems to dust.
I drink all my work like it’s red stained
nectar from a hummingbird feeder.

(Caffeinated coffee caffeine sugar—keep your poets happy,
but what is left for those that love the hummingbird?)

I flutter. I float on air.
I hardly notice that I’m rarely with company,
rarely spending time with friends. Family.
Introverts like me thrive on sporadic
company—only pay attention to me when work
is absent. I promise to make time for you
when the work is done and the red sugar ink
has stained my mouth.


Hope you guys liked it!!! 🙂  I did work hard on this one, and I am kind of proud of it.

Like this poem if you think I should do morning posts instead of evening posts!  Personally, I’m having more fun writing right now than I usually do when I’m writing before I fall asleep.

Have a lovely rest of your day, everyone!

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