Blooming into a Pink Star–A Poem


I’m currently on the road, and don’t have much time to write. (Limited internet availability.) But I still wanted to post something really quick. 😊

I wrote this for you in a moving car, risking motion sickness. Ha-ha.



Blooming into a Pink Star

The soil was pink, the same color of the sun
setting away from my home. The hue
reminded me of the taffy I used to eat at
amusement parks and I was half tempted
to raise a handful to my lips
just to have the memory stay longer.
I didn’t want the sun to set on this
chapter of my life, yet the colors of the
sunset remind of the vibrancy of my life.

The rain fell on my exposed shoulders like
tears that water a garden. My tank top was soaked through
making me shiver despite the heat of the summer
season that plagued me with gnats and other
insects. I lifted my chin to the sky
so that I could feel the same chill on my forehead and
throat. Maybe this rain can water my skin
the same way it waters flowers. Maybe then I could
into something beautiful.


Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!!!

2 thoughts on “Blooming into a Pink Star–A Poem

  1. The rain clearly fell on you in a way that helped you to blossom from a budding flower to a growing, intelligent, talented, beautiful woman and a wonderfully talented artist! Keep up the great work and continue to water your soul and creativity!

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