Don’t Read this if you Hate Haiku Poetry

So … Haiku.

Three line poems with set syllables of five, then seven, then five again.  Poems that originated from Japan that I happily use as my favorite poetic form.

I have easily written over a hundred haiku just this year and I’m not even sorry.

So, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys, because I love and appreciate all of you and I want you to see some of the poems I’ve written in the form that I also love and appreciate.

It’s Memorial Day and I Miss Him Dearly; An Explanation of How I Feel Today

A Memorial Day Poem
By Elizabeth Aluna Grey

(Memorial Day is an American Holiday that serves to Honor those that Have Fallen in Serve in the Armed Forces)

“It’s Memorial Day and I Miss Him Dearly; An Explanation of How I Feel Today” is a poem that seeks to connect the feelings of grief experienced with age to the feelings of loss, hopelessness, and homesickness many experience in their youth. Since these feelings in youth are most often the first negative emotions many individuals experience, I thought it was fitting to bring them to the table during my first year coping with a significant loss in my life.

the nicotine will give you a headache. (A Poem that Suggests Memories are Like Nicotine)

o I’m sure you can gather from the title what this poem is about.  Or at least have a rough enough idea.  🙂

I’d like for everyone to find what they want to see within this poem, so take my suggestion for interpretation with a grain of salt.

I hope you enjoy the poem!  (Of which was totally not inspired by my current headache at all because that wouldn’t be very creative.)